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Yoav Pour

Yoav Pour was born in 1960 in Haifa, Israel, and spent a significant portion of his childhood living with his parents in various foreign countries. This influenced his creative worldview and exposed him to different cultures. He continued traveling the world throughout his 20s, mainly in the Far East. During those trips he became familiar with the ancient silkscreen serigraph technique. After establishing a silkscreen serigraph workshop in Tel Aviv in 1992 and is considered an international expert in the field. Gradually, Yoav's artistic focus shifted to painting in which he places special emphasis on color composition. In some of his works one can notice clear hints of calligraphy, influences of Latin and East Asian scripts, and to a certain extent—musical notes. His technique is impulsive. He never uses brushes or painting knives, only spray paint and mainly his hands—to spray, spread, and drip paint. His style can be ascribed to the abstract expressionist art movement, as well as the Urban Street Art movement. Yoav's paintings are exhibited in galleries around the world.