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Zamy Steynovitz

Born in Liegnitz, Poland in 1951, Zamy Steynovitz (1951-2000) spent the first few years of his life in Poland before immigrating to Israel with his family in 1957. When he was a child he developed his interest in art, beginning his artistic endeavors before leaving Poland.

Steynovitz studied at both the Art School in Tel-Aviv and at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and developed his artistic style through his travels around the world, exhibiting internationally. Although he frequently featured Jewish themes and tradition, he was also inspired by other subjects, such as his time in South America, still-lifes, Paris, and landscapes. Much of the evolution in his work was related to his use of color and texture, with brighter and more vivid hues and contrasts.

Known as a passionate supporter of world peace, Steynovitz had many admirers in the social and community circles associated with the Norwegian Nobel Institute, and aspired to become acquainted with such Nobel Peace luminaries as Anwar Sadat, Menachim Begin, the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, among others. A meeting with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, where they had a wonderful conversation in their native Polish tongue, was one of the highlights of Steynovitz's life.

Sadly, he passed away at a young age in September 2000, leaving behind a prodigious body of work that is extremely collectible and sought after worldwide.