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The renowned artist Yuroz was born in Soviet Armenia in 1956. Quickly realizing his aptitude for art, Yuroz entered the prestigious Akop Kodjoyan School of Art in Yerevan when he was only ten years old. Yuroz continued his studies at the Yerevan University of Art and Architecture where he excelled. Architecture has since had a profound impact on Yuroz’s works, as he displays an innate knowledge of angles and lines. Though his work was beginning to develop a more sophisticated style, Yuroz felt oppressed under the Soviet regime and craved freedom. He became a refugee and waited to immigrate to the United States for seven years. Though this time was hard, Yuroz gained insight into the refugee life that would later impact his art; he was chosen by the United Nations to be the artist for their 50th anniversary stamp honoring refugees.

When Yuroz finally made it to the United States, he soon found himself living on the streets. Though he was homeless, Yuroz never stopped creating art; napkins, cardboard, and discarded pens became his artistic media. Yuroz’s talent could not be denied, and he soon gained fame and renown for his artistic works. Yuroz doesn’t forget the hard times, however, and often donates the proceeds from some of his originals to various charities.