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Llane Alexis

Born and raised in Cuba, Llane Alexis began painting in 1997. At the time, Alexis lived in a decrepit Havana barrio and turned to painting as a way to cope with the difficult personal and national troubles he and his countrymen were facing. Considering the contemporaneous changing colors and loyalties of the world map, he created artwork to establish a personal, private environment in which he could express his struggles and joys. Using with acrylics and oils, Alexis’ paintings are devoid of restraint and conformity. He attributes this to the fact that he never had formal art training; the lack of academic theory and techniques actually proves beneficial to his art. Without such constraints, he is able to depict his visions of sadness, happiness, tranquility, and beauty. These sensations and emotions are apparent in the wild and assorted shapes and vibrant hues of his paintings.

Llane Alexis currently lives in San Francisco, California and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world in such artistic centers as London, Madrid, Havana, Buenos Aires, and Salvader de Bahia in Brazil.