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Nela Solomon



Iranian born Nela Solomon grew up surrounded by a loving and supportive family in the rural town of Shiraz during the 1970's. Never far from a sketch pad and a set of watercolor paints, Nela headed to Vienna at the age of 21, to immerse herself in the German language and the art of much admired masters like Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. Embracing both established artforms and more avant-garde styles that seemed to have no rules, Nela Solomon was deeply affected by the art world, even as she opted to 'make a more sensible living' as a scientist.

Nela's work and travels eventually brought her to the US in 1996 where she continued her studies at Pierce College in Los Angeles, California. Never having given up on her passion for art, Nela soon gained an apprenticeship under acclaimed artist Emanuel, who - impressed with her talent - allowed Nela to develop her own style of abstract painting. Nela Solomon debuted at New York's world famous Artexpo in 2001, and has been a widely admired and collected artist ever since, with her own studio based in California.
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