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Miriam Bos

Born in 1981 in Holland, Miriam Bos was always a creative child. Her mother encouraged Miriam and her sister to sculpt, make collages, draw, and paint, which fostered her love of the arts. Determined to pursue a career as an artist, she enrolled at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It was here that Bos earned two BFA degrees, one in Illustration and one in teaching the fine arts.

During her extensive experimentation with art and her formal education, Bos tried out a wide variety of artistic media. While she occasionally uses gouache or oils, she prefers to use acrylic paints. This medium is perfect for her, Bos explains, because it dries quickly and she has all the vibrant colors she could wish for. In addition to painting on canvas, she is talented with digital paintings, using computer programmes to create beautiful graphic illustrations or photo collages. The subject matter of her artwork varies greatly, but she admires illustrative art, particularly the work and techniques of Dutch artist Raoul Deleo. Bos generally finds in herself inspired by the world around her, as she explains, “I can’t go outdoors without my photo camera and without taking photos of elements in nature … a lot of my photos are used as reference in my paintings.” Aside from that, she gets inspired by “history, stories, legends, myths, and fairytales. I am always motivated to let my paintings tell little stories.”

With brilliant talent and an eye for interesting images, Miriam Bos is making her mark on the world of fine art. More importantly, she explains, “my paintings are often silent moments of thoughts, feelings, and mystery. It is great that I can share these moments with others.”