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Steve Barton

Steve Barton’s origins in a family of artists naturally led him to a career in the field. Growing up in New Hampshire, Barton’s mother was an oil painter who always encouraged his natural talent and interest and in art and eventually he studied at the Rhoda Island School of Designed. He later traveled to the west coast to broaden his subject matter and is now known for the bright and colorful California coastal scenes he creates. He continues to paint, display, and sell his own art while also donating painting demonstrations for students both in the United States and abroad.

Lately, Barton has gathered attention for his “Wavy” concept, which he developed in 1999. The Wavy Frame is just what it sounds like; he unites the artwork he creates with the frame to better draw viewers into the paintings and add greater depth to the tone of his work. Barton currently has his work displayed in more than 35 galleries across the United States and internationally.